Sourcing and arranging local flowers can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to a wedding or special event. 

We offer buckets of the freshest seasonal blooms in our field from May through October. While we try to keep many varieties in bloom for as long as possible, Nature’s going to do her thing! You can check out what might be in bloom for your wedding or event date here.

DIY flowers also work well in combination with our a la carte floral design if you want to leave some of the more intricate work to us. Check out some of our work here.

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Grower’s Choice

Grower’s Choice buckets are $75 for 60-80 stems. The number will vary depending on stem size and value.You give us a color palette or let us know the vibe (feel free to send images or a pinterest link!) and we provide the number of buckets you request.  We provide a good mix of focal, filler, foliage and accent flowers. You can request additional buckets of dark, lime or silver greenery if desired.

By the Bunch

We charge bunch pricing for specific flowers or foliage. Standard bunches of most varieties are 10 stems. This option can be combined with Grower’s Choice buckets. Pricing is available by request.


Pick Up

You can pick up and pay for your flowers at our farm! We are located near the Guide Meridian and Ten Mile Road, ten miles from downtown Bellingham, WA.

Flowers should look great for three days (and up to a week with proper care), but we recommend picking up your flowers as close to the time you want to arrange them as you can. Flowers will be fresh, hydrated and ready to work with.

Three buckets can fit in the backseat of a car, but a station wagon, van or SUV work best for larger orders. Protect flowers from the wind. AC may be a good idea.



You can either bring your own buckets or return ours. You are welcome to bring back flowers to be composted as well. We’ve had great experiences with our customers so far, please don’t make us start charging a deposit!


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tips & tricks

For Great DIY Flowers

 TIPS & Tricks

  • Flowers should be stored out of the wind in a cool, dark place with adequate water. A cool room or shady porch usually works well.·


  • You can make boutonnieres, hair combs, etc. the day before the wedding and place them in slightly inflated ziplocs in the fridge to maintain freshness. While a cooler or refrigerator can keep other arrangements looking perfect, be aware that fruit and vegetables stored next to them can cause premature aging in some varieties.


  • Don't know how many buckets you'll need? Start by estimating stems for one table or arrangement and scale accordingly. One bucket typically fills around 5 quart mason jars. A bridal bouquet can be anywhere from 30-80 stems depending on the size and style, while bridesmaids bouquets tend to be around 20-60. That said, bouquets vary immensely! Smaller bouquets or larger flowers may mean you don’t need as many stems. Do plan on having a few extras in case any break while you are arranging or transporting flowers.


  • Keep it simple. A florist’s work can look effortless, but the reality is that some arrangements may require a lot of mechanics: wire, water tubes, flower frogs, floral adhesive, etc. Keep in mind that some flowers do better out of water than others.


  • Gather materials ahead of time. Will you need scissors or pruners? Floral tape? Pins? Ribbon? Vases? Most materials can be obtained from garden and craft stores.


  • Make sure you have adequate help, space and time. With our flowers, a few friends and a few hours, you can have gorgeous arrangements and some great memories!


  • Prepare stems before you arrange them by stripping any leaves that will end up underwater and placing each variety in a separate jar or vase.


  • Use crates or cardboard boxes and newspaper or other packing materials to transport arrangements. Leave jars or vases of water at the head table or another location so you have somewhere to place bridal and bridesmaids bouquets after the ceremony. You can even use them as arrangements for the reception!


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I worked with Free Range Flowers for DIY floral at my step-daughter’s wedding. Celeste was wonderfully friendly, responsive, asked the right questions and advised me as to which stems to use for various arrangements and bouquets. She clearly works her passion, finding beauty in every flower she grows and nurtures... and her wildflowers are absolutely lovely — the perfect style for the organic, laid back field wedding.
— Catherine C.