Tips & Tricks

for Great DIY Flowers

Want to add DIY Flowers to your day, but not quite sure where to start?

We’ve compiled some suggestions for fabulous and stress-free DIY flowers!

  • Keep it simple.

    A florist’s work can look effortless, but the reality is that some arrangements may require a lot of mechanics: wire, water tubes, flower frogs, floral adhesive, etc. Keep in mind that some flowers do better out of water than others. 

  • Estimate stems.

    Add up the stems needed for one arrangement and scale accordingly. One bucket typically fills around 5 quart mason jars. A bridal bouquet can be anywhere from 30-80 stems depending on the size and style, while bridesmaids bouquets tend to be around 20-60. That said, bouquets vary immensely! Smaller bouquets or larger flowers may mean you don’t need as many stems. Do plan on having a few extras in case any break while you are arranging or transporting flowers.

  • Gather materials.

    Getting everything you’ll need ahead of time will save stress when it comes time to arrange your flowers. Will you need scissors or pruners? Floral tape? Pins, ribbon or vases? Most materials can be obtained from garden and craft stores.

  • Arrange for adequate help, space and time.

    With our flowers, a few friends and a few hours, you can have gorgeous arrangements and some great memories!

  • Prepare stems.

    Before you get started, strip stems of any leaves that will end up underwater. Placing each variety in a separate jar or vase will also make it easy to grab the stem you need when it comes time to start arranging.

  • Make wearables.

    Smaller personal flowers like boutonnieres and hair combs can be made the day before the wedding if cared for properly. Make sure flowers are not too delicate - anything that dries well will usually hold well out of water and look fresh longer. Place finished arrangements in slightly inflated ziplocs in the fridge to maintain freshness. NOTE: While a cooler or refrigerator can keep arrangements looking perfect, be aware that fruit and vegetables stored next to them can cause premature aging in some varieties.

  • Transport arrangements.

    You can place arrangements in crates or cardboard boxes using newspaper or other packing materials to pad each vessel. Once at the venue, leave jars or vases of water at the head table or another location so you have somewhere to place bridal and bridesmaids bouquets after the ceremony. You can even use ceremony bouquets as arrangements for the reception!

And most of all, have fun!