Why flowers?

Flowers connect us with what is most essential and most human in us. Our VITALITY. Our CONNECTEDNESS.

They can communicate what we don't have the right words for; what the poetry can’t quite get at; what you really feel when you tell someone you are sorry for their loss, that you are over the moon in love, that you have so many feelings, but you just can’t quite figure out what to call them. They are WHAT YOUR EYES FILL UP WITH when you are really trying to mean something.

I believe the flowers that help craft meaning in these moments should be as UNIQUE as you are. The flowers we grow are a celebration of the diversity of life on this planet we love so dearly. They are THE SOUL BRIMMING OVER.

Meet Celeste

Hi! I’m Celeste!


 I am a full-time farmer and florist. Nice to meet you!

Besides being a grower, I’m a dreamer, a lover, a feeler, an optimist and a bit of a rebel.

I live and farm in Bellingham, WA at my partner Jay’s ranch. We have a great view of Mount Baker, the volcano I’ve been in love with since moving here four years ago.

Meet Jay

gladiolus free range flowers flower farm bellingham.JPG

Jay is a dreamer at heart.  His long-term vision pulls everything on the farm into order. He is the farm's anchor.

He is also a true grower. Having studied horticulture at Montana State and managed field operations for a large native plant nursery, he has an intuitive sense for what plants need and an agile understanding of mechanics and farm systems.


our story


Jay is perhaps THE BEST thing to have happened to me. From the moment he left a pint of homegrown peaches on the hood of my blue 2WD 1991 Chevy S10, I started falling and falling hard. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The flower farm was his DREAM. He had been dreaming it for 20 years when I finally came along with my stubborn CAN-DO ATTITUDE and wild approach to projects. Fortunately for me, he was more methodical than I. Fortunately for him, I am better at computers.

I started growing flowers two years before meeting Jay. The flowers were a side project as I studied perennial agriculture and built a business growing herbs and storage crops for market. Why not FEED THE POLLINATORS and make the vegetables as comfortable as possible? It was awesome. I pulled all the onions and watered the weeds so the Zinnias at the end of each row would pull through the summer drought. The Phacelia grew in a frenzy and so did the bees.

I’ve since gotten quite a bit better at weed suppression and row cropping, but that first year, the flowers are what pulled me through the 16 hour days and made the field feel like home. I slept in a hammock in the corner, saving money and waking up at job #1. I LOVED IT.

I commuted around the corner to my more lucrative work as a seed collector and propagator of native plants. Which is where I met Jay. And OH COULD HE DRIVE A TRACTOR! Laser straight lines. Ridiculous.

So anyway, Jay brings me back to his farmlet and here are ALL THESE FLOWERS. I still remember harvesting the last bucket of dahlias before the frost. What a dream.

purple aster basil free range flowers flower farm.JPG

I can’t quite believe we made it to this point. I get to be outside most of my waking life. I am surrounded by an immense garden. I get to dream about color and texture FOR WORK.

The flowers don’t make me rich, but they make up for the lack of monetary gain in fulfillment. It’s like living life with the macro lens and the landscape lens on FULL TIME. Wondrous. Eyes wide open. Life overflowing.

It is an honor and an inspiration to help tell your story with our flowers.


things We love

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Follow along on our journey @freerange.flowers!